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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Facial attraction

If asked, what is the first thing you look for in a model? Without hesitation I can answer that it is the face that first attracts. This holds true, even though in my paintings the face is secondary to the figure and sometimes it is not shown at all. Nevertheless, the spirit of my muse is personified in her fleeting glance. Here lie her subtle moods and changes.

In the first painting from today's session, the face is visible albeit partially cover by the model’s shoulder.

In the second foreshortened figure, the upturned face is nothing more than a suggestive brush stroke. Fleetingly though it may be, it nonetheless allows the dark red of the lips to give continuity, first to the breasts and then to the toes.

Incidentally, both were painted in little more than the time it took for my model to turn from one side to the other.


  1. I suppose it is because the face has such a capacity to broadcast emotions - you only need a brushstroke (or in the case of some of my old rescanned photographs, a blur of movement) and you have a chapters' worth of emotional narrative.

  2. Good work, keep it up, Karl Burnett