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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The devil is in the detail

In my style of painting, the devil is in the suggested detail. 

Rodin in later life said that he no longer had to count fingers to define a hand. Likewise, I no longer have to count toes to define a foot.  Today’s pictures illustrate the point.  The detail is from the foot on the left of today’s painting.  The painted toe nail gave me the excuse for a splash of cadmium red.  Your imagination can paint in the remaining toes.

On the subject of colour, I have used the last of my last tube of sepia and without it I’m at a loss when it comes to capturing the subtle tones of “the colour black”.  Last year, with my model Jessica being very light skinned, I never noticed its absence.  But now my models are of darker hue.

In the Caribbean art shops are few and far between and I can’t just pop into town and buy a couple of tubes.  Here’s a deal: if anyone in the UK or the States can send me down a couple of tubes, in return I’ll send a little of it back to you in the form of a painting.  The picture below gives the details: Winsor & Newton Artists’ Water Colour “Sepia”, either two 5ml tubes or one 14ml tube.  If you can help please e-mail me at:

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