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Monday, June 13, 2016

Depicting three dimensions in two

Three dimensional sculpture does not fare well when viewed as a two dimensional photographic image. The eye is arrested and barred from roaming over the form. However, by the very fact that the image is fixed, a photograph serves as an excellent device for revealing flaws. Incorrect proportions and imbalance become glaringly obvious. A mirror image has the same effect.

By the same argument, a photograph can never substitute for the live model. But in the early stages it can help to refresh the model’s memory. Until the sculpture is well developed it can be surprisingly difficult to remember from one week to the next if an arm or leg rested this way or that.

Today’s picture of work in progress on Marcella’s torso is a case in point. My model has slightly deviated from her original pose. The left arm is now drawn closer to the spine and the wrist falls more comfortably on her bottom. I like the effect and I am tempted to keep it.

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