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Sunday, July 23, 2017

My 74th Birthday Present

Too  busy to write, but yesterday was my 74th birthday and my present from my daughter Tania was tickets and a taxi for me and the rest of my family to see my favourite performers on stage in the hit Broadway Musical “Once on this Island”.

Nothing in the world surpasses Dominica’s “Sixth Form Sisserou Singers”. As the name suggests, the group was founded by high school students back in 1994. Under the masterful direction of their musical director, Pearl Christian, they have gone from strength to strength.

For this presentation they were aided by Dominica’s Cultural Icon, Alwin Bully (Director) and his daughter Sade Bully (Choreography). Dominica’s talented Michelle Henderson was guest star and the show was stolen by the incredible nine year old Beata (Beats) Vidal.

The pictures say the rest.

  The Sixth Form Sisserou Singers 
(Alwin standing third from left and Pearl middle row center)

 Michelle Henderson in rehearsal.

 The incredible nine year old Beata (Beats) Vidal. 
Remember this name, you'll see it in lights one day soon!

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