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Thursday, February 6, 2014

He made a mess of dat

Forty years ago, I sat sketching the fishermen off-loading their catch on the beach that bordered the Bay Front at Roseau, Dominica.  Yesterday I sat sketching on the same spot.  But forty years on, where there was once a beach, there is now a berth for cruise ships and the Bay Front is now a restricted boulevard for tourists. 

After pleading permission from the on-duty police patrolling the area, I was allowed to set up my sketching stool and easel.  By turning my gaze towards the Old Market Square, and turning a blind eye to the knick-knacks that littered the stalls, I was able to rekindle the spark of old times. 

In addition to the sketch I was able to pick up one gem of a comment from an onlooker.  “O dear, he made a mess of dat”!

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  1. I wish I could come see the market again. It stinks a lot more than it used to and the noise is enough to drive you crazy. The 80's were much quieter, no knick knacks from China with Dominica written on them cluttering the street.