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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Conformity vs. Individualism…

            They’re all made out of tick tacky
            And they all look the same…

So sang Pete Seeger at about the time when I decided to try my look as an artist on the pavements of France.  Looking back over the years since then, the memories I cherish are the individuals I met along the way.  Indeed, it seems I have made a point of meeting up with nothing but individuals.  The doctors and lawyers, and business executives didn’t move in my circles.

One such loveable individual came to mind today when it was suggested that we might get copies of National Trail Guide Book shipped  to Dominica at a cheaper rate if we consolidate the packages with other cargoes.

This is exactly what my dear departed friend Fritz Seyforth had in mind when, in order to ship down copies of his book Tales of the Caribbean, he arranged to share a container with a local supermarket.  I remember driving Fritz down to the dock where we waited for the container to be off-loaded.   Unfortunately, his good deal had a slight flaw: the books had been loaded into a refrigerated container.  Fritz rightly claimed to be the only author in the world selling frozen books!

On another occasion, Fritz helped me out of a difficult situation.  I always tell those who buy my paintings that, if they change their mind, send it back and I’ll give a full refund.  It’s only happened once, and that was in the Bahamas way back in the 1970’s.  I carried the offending letter to Fritz.  He put it back in its envelop and rooted in a draw for what he called his “termination stamp”.  After inking and applying, the envelop then read, “Deceased Return to Sender”.

Here’s a sketch I made of Fritz, long ago and far away.

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  1. Nice sketch. I remember many of your takes about Fritz and, I believe, I have still got a copy of his frozen book somewhere on my bookshelf (just below the box of unsmokeable cigars!)