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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A New Lease of Life: Exhibition Up-dates

 In the first week the exhibition’s film evenings will feature:


In 1955 French film director Henri-Georges Clouzot joined forces with Pablo Picasso to make an art documentary that captures the moment and mystery of creativity.  The film is exhilarating, mesmerizing and unforgettable.  In 1984 the French government declared the film a national treasure.

As a fifteen year old engineering apprentice, I remember spending the best part of my first week’s wages at the box office in order to see this film.

At the Old Mill on Tuesday 24th June at 7.30pm  


This award winning documentary features the steelband taking on the role of the symphony orchestra.

The film shows how a percussion instrument invented in the poorer areas of Port of Spain can reach the heights of a symphony orchestra and gain acceptance worldwide as a legitimate instrument.

Following the film, master pan player Atherton Martin will demonstrate the instruments adaptability to jazz and other musical genres.

At the Old Mill on Thursday 26th June at 7.30pm

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