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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The wow factor…

Yesterday, when listing my damsels in distress, I mentioned the Bolton Brow Methodist Assembly Hall, the building which served for eleven years as my studio in the UK.  I can’t put my finger on a “before” shot, but here’s the restored interior.  From the main entrance at street level, visitors went down a flight of steps before dramatically entering the main hall.  Invariably, when reaching the bottom step they paused and gave out a breathless “wow”!

As is the usual with properties purchased from the church, we had to sign to a formidable list of covenants:  no alcohol, no gambling, no illicit behaviour, etc, etc.  A couple of years after purchase we were visited by the church trustees, all of whom were in respectable old age.  I hurriedly draped my nude figures – surely they violated every covenant in the book - while Denise kept them talking on the stairs.  My heart sank when one of the straight-laced ladies lifted the drape from my most revealing figure.  She gasped.  Then, contrary to my fears, exclaimed, “How beautiful”!

The photograph was taken from a small observation balcony forty foot above the studio floor.  For scale, look for the full-size upright piano on the mezzanine level.   What a studio, what a daunting task, what memories. 

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  1. I know it's a long time since I commented, but I thought "wow" when I first came into your studio!