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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This way or that…

I work from life, not from photographs.  However, do sometimes take photographs to remind the model of the exact pose.  A hand held fractionally differently, from one session to the next, creates a ripple effect throughout the whole body.  Sometimes we vary the pose when the work is in progress, usually because the model finds it more comfortable for the head to be turned this way or that.  A chalk outline of the figure is another source of reference. 
Here's the reference photograph that I took of Denise for the reclining torso along with the work in progress.

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  1. Roger, I once admired a torso carved from wood at an art show in Annapolis Maryland. It was way too expensive for my meager teacher's salary to cover but I still think about it 30 years later. The sensual energy in a woman's body is, for me, the most compelling force in nature. I saw Rodin's The Cry at an exhibit in D,C, years back and beat a quick path to my lover's apartment. She and I owe Rodin a boat load of thanks. I greatly appreciate your work and admire your wonderful blog.