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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who is Sylvia…

Yesterday I waxed lyrical about a song-writing workshop given by Gregory Robess.  What I didn’t tell you, was the trepidation I felt before and during the workshop.  This goes back to my school days.  Whereas that wonderful primary school teacher, Miss Ackroyd gave me the confidence to be an artist (See my diary page dated 17th February) another teacher, whose name I have erased from my memory, destroyed any aspiration I might have had to be a musician.

As a class, we were singing Who Is Sylvia*.  After countless attempts to get it right, the teacher slammed down his ruler cum baton.  Something is wrong:  “Burnett stop singing!”  Now, let’s try again.  Ah, that’s better!

Had the teacher been as perceptive as Miss Ackroyd he might have said, “Burnett, that’s a brilliant improvisation, one day you could be a jazz musician”. 

Luckily for me, yesterday’s workshop overran, and we didn’t get to do the singing bit.  Maybe that was part of the reason that I came away elated.

I dedicate today’s ten-second sketch of the nude to Miss Ackroyd.  Thank you Miss.  How I wish you had also taught me music.

* William Shakespeare, "Two Gentleman of Verona" Act 4 Scene 2 

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  1. Congratulations! That is quite the achievement in ten seconds! I was once told as I sat down for a sketch that "Lunch will be ready in 30 minutes" So I now have a 30 minute sketch! But 10 seconds! Wow!