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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Culture with a small letter “c”…

Last week I received a call for papers for the Fourteenth Annual Eastern Caribbean Islands Culture(s) Conference.  Glancing through the abstracts submitted for last year’s conference, I concluded that this was culture with a capital “C” and strictly in the realms of the region’s academia. 

Early yesterday morning, at the Roseau Saturday Market, I found culture alive and kicking with a small letter “c”.   The second-hand bookstall and poetry readings were part of an outreach event for the island’s forth-annual Literary Festival.  You can learn more about the festival at

As luck would have it, our son Tristan found the final volume for his thirteen volume, Series of Unfortunate Events and  I picked up a copy of Noel Coward’s Collected Sketches and Lyrics.  As you can see, the book has weathered many a storm since it was published in 1931, but I’ll cherish it all the more for that.  It will still be on my shelf when your Kindles, Nooks and iPads have given up the ghost.  What’s more, it looks like a book, feels like a book, smells like a book and cost only one dollar EC!


  1. Hmmm It's funny how the books on the left happen to be "Some of Us Did Not Die" and "Survival"... ;-)

  2. I love books and although I can see how Kindle and the like are attractive.....saw many of them being used in Madeira by the tourists....Like you I like the fact that it looks like a book, feels like a book, smells like a book. I found a great website a few years ago "readitswapit" and all for the price of second class postage! However I belong to a reading group reading classics and get some great deals from Amazon now and then ther are the charity shops and then the library!