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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dominica ain’t easy, nuh…

When I quoted the above catch phrase to a Dominican friend today, she added, “Living the Dream”!

To survive my day goes to and fro from one thing to another.  And it’s not just between painting and sculpting.  That would be easy.  It’s the extremes and the bits between that are the challenge. 

Today started with an inspection of the machine presently used for washing tania and dasheen – a machine which from the look of it has been washing the crops for the last fifty years.   It ended with a determined effort to get back to work on my bas-relief.  Between the two I painted a new number plate for our pick-up truck (it’s due for its road test tomorrow), mended the sewing machine, cleared a drain and, in the pouring rain, scrubbed mould off the wooden deck that leads from the studio to the garden (necessary before someone breaks their neck).  Hence my friend’s rejoinder, “Living the Dream”. 

Here, from one extreme to the other, is the machinery and my reclining nude.

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  1. You don't need to bother repairing that machine, just arrange for its immediate transportation to, and installation in, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where it can be given a title like "Green Progressions On Mechanical Verisimilitude No 4"