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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vital Statistics…

Following on from yesterday’s post, the next step in creating the torso was to take some key measurements from the model.  These vital statistics enable me to set up the armature on my turntable (in this case the armature is simply a polystyrene core) and to make a start on applying the clay.   With the measurements to hand, I can complete this stage without dragging Denise in from her garden.

The picture below shows how I set down the key high and low points on a full-size plan of the torso.  The most reliable measurements are from bone to bone, flesh is never constant.  Hence, the female torso from the front, with arms stretched above the head, does not give me many reference points.  At a pinch, I have the rib cage and hipbones but that’s about it.

The above picture shows the clay as I build it up around the polystyrene core.  When I am within half an inch of my measurements, I insert matchsticks at each reference point.  They indicate the dimensions of the final form.  I do not apply more clay until I have my model at hand.  That is when I have to call Denise to come in from the garden!

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