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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High-Tech v Low-Tech…

Most of the machines in my machine shop are over fifty years old, yet they are as reliable and accurate today as the day they were built.  Many of my hand tools belonged to my father and my grandfather before him, yet they still serve me well.  Not too long ago my main camera had bellows and dated from 1934.  Sadly, it died prematurely when it fell forty feet from a church balcony.  That is the low-tech end of the scale.

Alas, I cannot claim the same longevity for the high-tech.  I am surrounded by broken down fax machines, computers, printers and digital cameras, many of which have not seen in their first decade.  The most recent and frustrating victim of this early death syndrome is my Olympus Camedia C-5060 Wide Zoom Digital Camera.  Just to assure you that it is not me that has put the jinks on it, that camera has the distinction of its own dissatisfied customer website.   

Before the camera completely gives up the ghost (Currently I’m reviving it with squirts of WD40 and a liberal doses of sunlight – all against manufacturers recommendations but it works whereas their repairs don’t!) let’s continue from yesterday and take look at more variations on the theme of scribbling with the nude.

First, scribbling in clay and a detail from my recent torso. 

Now let’s see what watercolour can do with that same piece of human anatomy.

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