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Thursday, March 10, 2011

To practice what I preach…

I tell my students that it is better to suggest detail rather than show detail.  For the painter and sculptor, the devil is in too much detail.  The problem is to know when to stop.  You cannot turn the clock back when taken too far.  How I wish that I could always remember to practice what I preach.

With sculpture especially, it is tempting to keep refining until in the end the work is just that: refined!   Rodin overcame this problem by having his moulders take frequent casts of the clay while the work was in progress.  Thus, he had a record of every stage.  Then, if need be, he'd go back to an earlier impression. 

Had I have been able to take a series of casts from my torso as the work progressed I would very likely turn back to the stage that it was at a month ago.

Now it is more correct but the process of correction has quelled its earlier vigour.

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  1. Rog, I am thoroughly enjoying the blog : the fascinating detail of the creative process takes me back to the Sculptor's Diary you did all those years ago.