My on-line diary began in the 1990's from my studio in the North of England. After a lapse of ten years, I resumed posting from my present studio on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

From the far beginning, the intention has been to give an insight into my working methods, and to share the triumphs, trials and tribulations of work-in-progress.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wat dat white man doing...

Today I shouldered my sketch bag and set out to capture the Dominica’s Carnival Parade.  Thousands of onlookers were doing the same but their means was by way of the split second click of a digital camera, mine was paper and paints. 

My early days of sketching “songs for my supper” on the pavements of France put me forever in good stead for setting up my stall on any street corner.  The jostle and the comments from passers-by are all part of the action.   To the voice in the crowd that asked, “Wat dat white man doing?” here’s the answer.

Stilt men or bwa-bwa

As you can see, instead of jumping-up, I was painting up a storm.  At the end of my stint I earned a compliment from my crowd of onlookers: "He good, we!".


  1. Just checking in for the first visit. The line drawing is a great expression of festive colors and activity.

  2. Woah! Those stilt men really look as though they are going to walk off the paper. I'd best get out of the way!

    Lovely sense of movement and colour; I feel carnival :)