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Friday, March 25, 2011

Two cows and a mysterious woman...

Today, while rummaging through a portfolio of work done almost twenty years I ago, I came across this painting of a Yorkshire village.  I distinctly remember debating whether to add the two cows that wandered into view.   As you see, I decided in favour of the cows and the fact that the painting is signed indicates that, at the time, I must have been pleased with the result.

Just as I was about to delve further into the portfolio, a breeze picked up the painting and it fell to the floor.  Like a slice of buttered toast, it fell image side down and, low and behold, on the reverse side was a painting, the subject of which eludes me.

Who is that woman?  Denise says emphatically, “It's not me!  It doesn’t look like me and I never owned a blue dress that buttoned down the front.  What’s more, at the time it was painted I was eight months pregnant.  She doesn't look pregnant”.  I have a vague recollection of wanting to capture sunlight on facial features.  But whose features?  O dear, this is getting awkward!

Luckily, we both agree that - in retrospect - the painting on the back is possibly more worthy of a signature than the painting on the front.  We've decided to let it rest at that!

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