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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A day in the life…

Once I get side tracked, it is difficult to get back down to my work as a painter and sculptor.  I may start the day with every good intention but other things intervene.  Today has been a case in point.

My day began at with me updating a proposal for training mechanical engineers – a proposal that I first presented to no avail two years ago.  No sooner had I finished that, than I find our water tank is almost empty.  Off I go down to the river to start the pump.  The climb there and back at least gives me my exercise for the day.  Actually, it gives me my exercise twice over because once the tank is full I have to go back down to turn the pump off.  A quick breakfast and then I can get down to…. 

A telephone call from a factory at the far end of the island to say a shaft and bearing has broken.  I drive out to look at the damage and bring the parts back to my workshop.  Somehow or other, by the weekend, I have to make a replacement.  A quick lunch and then I can get down to…

A reminder that I’ve promised to meet with the head of a government department to discuss ways of improving the of processing agricultural products – cassava, coco, etc.   I drive to town for the meeting and stop for shopping on the way home.  A quick change, from trousers and shoes, back to shorts and sandals and then I can get down to…

Too late, the day has past!  I can only look back and wonder how, a couple of months ago; I managed to squeeze in sketches such as this.

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  1. Yes, I have days which are hi-jacked like this too!