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Friday, April 22, 2011

Life after death…

Working from life is isn’t easy, but resurrecting people already in the next world is on the verge of impossible.  I’ve had my share of such commissions and I don’t relish them.  Even the best of photographs are a poor substitute for the real life sitter.  When the commissioners are four lawyers and an accountant you are, as you might suspect, in for trouble. 

Such was the case many years ago with my portrait bust of Mr Bearder.  For two weeks, I struggled to get a facial likeness from an album of photographs that I’d been given to work from.  I tested out the work in progress on my family and occasional visitors to my studio.  What do you think, I would ask.  By Jove, you captured him, was a typical reply. 

It was therefore with some confidence that I unveiled my clay sketch for the approval of the commissioners.  Never have I seen faces drop as their faces dropped…It’s not him, it’s even like him!  In my defence, I pulled out the photographs.  Oh dear, we see what has happened…wrong pictures.  That’s his best friend!

Well, likeness or not, here’s a detail modelled from the right photographs.

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  1. OOOPS!! Someone dropped a clanger! And all that work!!