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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where did we go wrong…

One of my favourite cartoons is of a beatnik couple in torn jeans crashed out on a shabby sofa.  Standing to attention before them, in Boy Scout uniform, is their son.  The caption reads, “Where did we go wrong!”

I know the feeling.   My oldest daughter first sailed the Atlantic when she was seven and took her share of night watches.  By the time she was thirteen, she could sail racing dinghies to Olympic standard and single-handedly row out a 35lb kedge anchor in the teeth of a gale.  What a wonderful foundation for an adventurous lifestyle. 

But where did we go wrong?  She is now in her forties and a fully qualified Chartered Accountant!

In today’s picture is Tristan, our seven year old son.  He'll be eight in a couple of week’s time.  As a brilliant engineer, he is his grandfather reincarnated.  The lathe he is using is the same one that I learnt on 50 years ago.  This morning, entirely by himself, he turned a set of 16 stainless steel location studs.  One of the critical diameters had a tolerance of two thousandths of an inch.  The micrometer he used had belonged to his great-grandfather. 

Here is a boy with the potential to reclaim the status of the mechanical engineering profession…providing he doesn’t grow up to become a lawyer!

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  1. I am all too aware that we cannot choose the path our children take. We can guide, encourage and equip, but the final choice is theirs alone to make. Nevertheless, the seeds you sowed are there still and will have influenced your daughter in oh so many ways and there are a lot worse choices than being a Chartered Accountant :D