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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The missing link…

In the birth, life and death sequence from a couple of days ago, the missing link between the plaster master cast and the final bronze, was the wax impression.  It is obtained by taking a mould from the plaster cast by means of a piece mould.  The name is apt, because until the advent of silicon rubber this mould had to be made in plaster and divided into scores of sections.  This was necessary so that it could be released from the plaster wherever there is an undercut.  And let me tell you, the human body is riddled with undercuts! 

Silicon rubber’s flexibility has made mould making relatively easy.  It can be peeled away from an ear or from beneath the breasts.  The picture shows the plaster master cast and wax impression of a portrait I made of my daughter Tania when she was five.  It is ready for the foundry to cast by the lost wax process – but I’ll save that story for another day.   

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