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Thursday, June 23, 2011

In situ…

Today we carried the finished torso from one location to another to see how it looked from various vantage points.  In the past, they often hauled a new piece of public sculpture around the block by horse and cart for the same reason.  For months, the sculptor has become accustomed to seeing the work on the modelling stand in the studio.  To see the work from a fresh vantage point comes as a shock.  Suddenly you see strengths and flaws that had previously gone unnoticed.  A figure that seems large in the studio appears diminutive outdoors.   Those who see the work first in the studio, and then in situ, often asked why have you made the work smaller.

Here is the torso outdoors in the rain.  Through the deceptive eye of the camera she looks lost, whereas in reality she holds her own.  Either way, she contrasts nicely with the pebbles!

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