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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inside out…

Today I removed the clay from the mould for the torso.  The mould now needs cleaning before making a cast.  From this type of mould only one plaster cast can be made.  This is because the mould has to be broken into fragments in order to remove the cast.  Hence it’s name, Waste Mould.
For me it is facinateing to see the figure inside out – it’s a bit like the visual jolt of reversing a photographic image, but doubly so.  In the 1990’s the sculptress Rachel Whiteread developed the concept of “negative space” in her Holocast Monument and her cast of the inside of an entire Victorian terraced house.
Recently I have found that a body cast - in its negative form - gives a new insight into the beauty of the human form.  This cast is not of a galaxy in space, but of a breast that bears the hallmark of suckling many offspring. 

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  1. The breast cast does look like a galaxy. Or maybe a volcano cone seen from high altitude.