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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That's more like it…

Painting in watercolour is not for the timid.  Contrary to popular perception, there’s nothing refined and dainty about it.   It takes courage to give a wash the freedom it deserves.   Moreover, watercolours need not be limited to the pages of an 8” x 10” sketchpad.   My large watercolour boards measure 30” x 40”.  I confess that beforehand my nerves are on edge at the risk involved.   That size of best quality board doesn’t come cheap!

Today I took courage – granted on a sheet of regular cartridge paper – and pushed the boundaries of size, colour, line and form for all they are worth.  When I turned the painting for Denise to see, her comment was, “Mm, that’s more like it”. 

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  1. Not sure which came first? The color or the ink?